Malware found in 74,000 Android TV-Boxes

Cyber security researchers have discovered backdoor malware infections in television set-up boxes running on Android operating systems. This malware infection allows hackers to access the app and take over the device.

Cyber security firm Human Security found the malware infection on an Android TV box and a tablet. Human Security found this malware on eight models of Android devices. Among them are seven television setup boxes. They also mention these seven television setup box models. These are—T95, T95Z, T95 Max, X88, Q9, X12 Plus and MXQ Pro 5G. In addition to these seven models of television setup boxes, the J-5-W models also have Android tablets. In addition to Human Security, cyber security researcher Daniel Milicic discovered backdoor malware in T95 model Android TV boxes.
The company says that cyber attacks are being carried out by connecting the device to the web through this setup box of the Android operating system. The company estimates that at least 74,000 Android devices have been infected with this malware. Apart from this, the cyber security company is afraid that this malware can be infected in another 200 different models of Android devices. These Android devices are generally used in homes, businesses and educational institutions.
Human Security says these Android television set-up boxes are sold cheaply online without any brand name. These setup boxes are being manufactured and marketed in China. However, the company could not confirm whether the backdoor malware is being added to these devices in China. Earlier in 2016, Kaspersky identified this backdoor along with the Triada malware.

Besides, the company found 39 Android and IOS apps including TV box apps related to advertisement fraud. Among them, Google has removed 20 apps identified by Human Security from the Google Play Store. Trend Micro, a cyber security firm, claims that two Chinese-based hacking groups are involved in this backdoor malware infection.